• Bespoke GRP Car Transport POD

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GRP Car Transport POD

Streamline fibreglass was commissioned by a large trailer manufacture here in the UK to manufacture from 2D drawings the master pattern and mould in order to run production on a large scale bespoke GRP trailer POD. Streamline entered at the design stage working alongside our client to design a sleek looking trailer POD which will transport motorsport and luxury cars to the European market.

Streamline began by manufacturing the pattern (master) utilising our in depth knowledge and experience manufacturing traditional patterns from timber which we then finished to produce a high gloss 1200  finish, from here we extracted a GRP female mould .

Once the tooling was complete and signed off by the client the  1st prototype was extracted to showcase the product we then set up a meeting to talk through how we could possibly satisfy our clients production needs, upon realisation of streamlines capability’s to run full scale production and the way we delivered this proposal along with a competitive  pricing strategy Streamline was awarded the contract to facilitate our clients requirements of  between 50 -150 units per year over a 36 months period .

Streamline are proud to announce that we have taken on our first full scale production contract which we can hopefully deliver a great looking product servicing a very competitive market for the next 3 years. Streamline continue to offer a one stop shop for potential clients in the bespoke GRP tooling and production sectors.


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  • GRP Car Transport POD

    Manufacture of trailer body
  • GRP Car Transport POD

    Manufacture of trailer body
  • GRP Car Transport POD

    Manufacture of trailer body