Our Responsibility

Streamline Fibreglass is committed to upholding its long-standing reputation as a responsible and sustainable company. By building our company around such strong ethical values, we believe that we can fulfil our responsibility to our clients, staff and the environment, which in turn will enable us to continue to deliver the high quality of service we pride ourselves on.


Streamline Fibreglass is dedicated to leading the industry in minimising the impact its work has on the environment. To meet this aim, we:

  • Minimise waste by evaluating operations to ensure they are as efficient as possible.
  • Minimise toxic emissions through the careful selection of machinery and transport vehicles, taking into account their power requirements.
  • Actively promote recycling and waste management both internally and with our suppliers and clients.
  • Meet and, where possible, exceed the environmental legislation relevant to the GRP industry.
  • Use an accredited programme to offset our greenhouse gas emissions.


The importance of conducting our business in a socially and ethically responsible manner is demonstrated by our strict policies. Streamline Fibreglass will:

  • Never take advantage of lower manufacturing and labour costs in developing countries.
  • Adhere to government recognised trading sanctions.
  • Refuse trade with countries who have been identified as violating human rights.
  • Refuse to work with any parties who we have reason to believe exploit humans, animals or the environment.
  • Ensure any employment with Streamline Fibreglass is freely undertaken and that employees are free to leave with reasonable notice, as per their contract.
  • Not ask employees to lodge deposits or identity papers with us.
  • Never to use child labour.
  • Guarantee that working hours and remuneration are fair and comparable to other companies in the sector, and that pay is above the national legal minimum standard.
  • Never to make deductions from wages as a disciplinary measure. Payslips detailing lawful deductions are provided with each wage slip.
  • Not force employees to work in excess of 48 hours per week, and provide a voluntary, opt-out, agreement for those wishing to exceed 48 hours per week.
  • Never use labour-only contracting, sub- contracting and fixed term contracts as a means to avoid the obligations of labour or social security laws.


The health and safety of our employees is paramount. In order to reduce the risks of accidents or work related illness, Streamline Fibreglass:

  • Provides awareness of the health and safety risks surrounding our work through regular training and clear, accessible information.
  • Consults directly with employees on matters relating to their health and safety, dealing with any issues that arise promptly.
  • Provides and maintains a safe and hygienic workplace, with machinery undergoing regular checks.
  • Ensures the safe handling of dangerous substances through training, protective clothing and clear processes.
  • Supervision is provided where needed.
  • Ensures all employees are capable of conducting the relevant tasks and understand the health and safety risks surrounding them.
  • Regularly reviews and revises the full health and safety policy.

    Streamline Fibreglass is an ISO 9001 accredited company.

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