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    Fibreglass Dome Manufacturers providing a wide range of bespoke designs. We can also replace sections and repair structural damage to existing domes.
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Whilst we take pride in all of our work, the manufacturing of fibreglass domes epitomises our creative and technical abilities.

Over our 20 years in the industry, we have built an exemplary reputation for designing, manufacturing and installing fibreglass domes across the world. From small decorative features to large, complex multi-section constructions, every dome presents its own set of demands and challenges, and we have consistently proven that we have the experience, skill and equipment to provide a level of technical service and support that matches the superior quality of the final product.

All of our domes carry a guarantee and we provide continued aftercare support.

See our latest fibreglass dome project.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and the manufacturing process in more detail.

Design . Consultation . Manufacturing . On Site Installation . Guaranteed . Fire Retardant . Meets Building Regulations . Continued After Care Support


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  • External Diagram

    Fibreglass Dome
  • Sectional Diagram

    Fibreglass Dome
  • Internal Diagram

    Fibreglass Dome
  • Dome Construction

    Manufacture in progress
  • Individual Sections

    Twelve sections to complete the dome
  • Internal Sections

    Internal visual