About Streamline Fibreglass

About Streamline Fibreglass

Streamline Fibreglass was founded in 2006 by James Barlow. James has spent all his working life in the composites industry, gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience that spans 3 continents and 9 different countries. From cutting-edge marine builds in the UK to heading up a service and repairs team for the wind energy sector in Costa Rica, his ambition and unrivalled passion for his craft have been the driving force behind Streamline’s continuing success.

It all began when, after seeing a gap in the market for water transportation vessels, James and a small team of highly experienced boat builders decided to design and manufacture tooling to facilitate a boat production run. This soon resulted in the creation of Streamline Fibreglass’ own bespoke water taxi range, “The Dolphin Water Taxi” which has been sold to the global market and is successfully operating as far out as New Zealand.

From here, our reputation grew rapidly within the composites sector, and the demand for our products and services as a whole compelled us to expand into designing, manufacturing and installing a wide range of bespoke composite products.

Since then, Streamline Fibreglass has been a part of some truly unique design and build projects. Our full scale manufacturing facility in Stockport has been kitted out with the state of the art equipment necessary to meet the growing demand for our products and services, from a simple wheel arch trim or horsebox repairs to composite structural engineering packages and large scale structural builds and installations.

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