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Streamline fibreglass have recently completed a ground breaking innovative design and build for our high end client based in the middle east

We believe that streamline have created a first of kind 65% transparent finish incorporated into a design of this nature, through rigorous testing along with exhausting hours put into R&D streamline managed to create a truly unique product  to exact client specifications.

Streamline was given a specification which some may say "not achievable" not only was the product to be transparent but also a newly developed  transparent pigment was to incorporated  into the product to give a look which we believe has never been seen before.

Achieving transparency  within a composite product is relatively easy we know ! but to achieve this at 65% across a build of this nature was the real task purely from a structural perspective,  no structural  core could be added into the product itself as this would eliminate the possibility of as transparency at this percentage. 

Our design team came up with a manufacturing procedure which allowed us to push the boundaries of composite manufacturing, 32 individual sections were created to bring together this unique design, 6 separate radius's and 16 different panels.

Full composite structural design works, tooling, manufacture and shipment was achieved under one roof, allowing streamline to offer our client a one stop shop.
The design included a crating system which allowed us to package and ship to various locations around the world, with a system incorporated into the design allowing our client to assemble and disassemble at various locations maximising potential return on investment.

All of the above achieved in just 6 weeks! we was actually 3 days late from the original  program which in our opinion is still  a great achievement, I would like to thank all of  our staff, we  are blessed with a workforce which allowed this to happen.       

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  • Translucent Popup Store

    Manufacture of popup store
  • Translucent Popup Store

    Manufacture of popup store
  • Translucent Popup Store

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