• Bespoke GRP Dome

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Bespoke GRP Dome for a grade 2 listed building

Streamline Fibreglass was approached by Leeds city council to help them with a dilapidated grade 2 listed building which was an historic old library in the town centre.

Our main scope of works was to look at the exiting dome which was made from a heavy weight timber construction clad with copper. Our proposal was to survey the dome so that we could transfer the data into CAD in order for us to produce drawings for client approval.

Streamlines design team sat with the client to offer a super lightweight GRP replacement, we were able to replicate the existing dome so that we could mirror and bring back to life the traditional look of the building and its surroundings which was massively important to the client and heritage body.


From here we pressed on to manufacture a bespoke tooling system which consisted of four separate window section, four separate dome sections and the finial, we could replicate both the dome and window section reducing the tooling costs, we split the finial into two sections all of which was bolted together internally.

This system allowed us to use standard transportation vehicles to deliver this bespoke product, our experienced site team met the dome onsite to begin the construction, a dry run was completed in the factory to ensure everything run smoothly when we arrived on site which enabled us to familiarise ourselves with the process.

Once the dome was erected a lift plan was put into place to lift the dome onto the existing ring beam 14m above ground level adjacent to a very busy motorway particular attention was taken due to public foot fall in and around the works area. The dome was safely lifted on with an 80T crane and positioned for final fix.

Streamline safely carried this complex project without a hitch from initial consultation, design, tooling, manufacture and installations all under one roof.

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  • Bespoke GRP Dome

    Dome for a grade 2 listed building
  • Bespoke GRP Dome

    Dome for a grade 2 listed building
  • Bespoke GRP Dome

    Dome for a grade 2 listed building