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A Manchester based design and build company contacted Streamline Fibreglass at the design stage of a huge house build program on the outskirts of Manchester in the hope that we could find a solution to the problem of the window surrounds for 41 new build plots which was about to be built, it just was not cost effective enough to use alternative materials or a bespoke design for each individual house which our client wanted to achieve.

Our client was not familiar with our product so we had to show that it was our product which stood out from the rest, not only this each and every plot had to be different with its own unique design and this ideology we had to follow. Upon meeting with the Management team on site to discuss what was required we went back to our manufacturing facility and designed a bespoke product which has never been used before on an installation like this. We knew we had a great design and product but for this to work we also had to be competitive on price so we came up with a truly unique universal tooling method which enabled us to manufacture individual designs from the same tooling giving each house a truly unique look, we provided one sample which received rave reviews from everybody involved which resulted in streamline winning the contract for the whole site as it was intended to be split into several lots.

Streamline also offered a training package to our client for site installation, streamlines experienced site installations team worked hand in hand with our client so they could continue installing our products safely. These houses are now inhabited by the proud new owners and our products are the flagship of the entire look, which gives us a great sense of achievement and satisfaction.    


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  • Astley Brook

    Window surrounds
  • Astley Brook

    Window surrounds
  • Astley Brook

    Window surrounds